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Michel Berezowsky

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Michel Berezowsky was born in 1944 in Saigon, Vietnam.

He is a French citizen living since many years in Germany. He started his career in 1971 with the Gerling Global Re, Cologne. Among others he was the responsible Director for Earthquake prone areas such as Central America, Greece, Mexico and Turkey.


In 2002, the Top Management of the Gerling Group decided to stop writing reinsurance business. Michel left the Gerling Global Re on the 31.12.2003, after 32 years, in order to establish his own company “Ib-Tec”


During his reinsurance activities he had in 1999, after series of strong earthquakes in Greece and Turkey the idea, to develop a system, which could analyze rapidly and at very low cost the vulnerability of buildings before and after an earthquake.

In spite of sophisticated seismological evaluations, earthquakes cannot be predicted. However, most damages can be reduced by preventive measures, and some can even be avoided. To this end and in cooperation with the Aachen Technical University, Professor Meskouris and Dr. Hamid Sadegh-Azar, the EQ-Fast technology was successfully developed.


Today EQ-Fast is state of the art and capable to analyze the vulnerability of buildings rapidly and efficiently in case of an earthquake according to Eurocode 8.


This technology has been certified by the German Technical Body “TÜV-Rheinland” and by the Technical University of Aachen and of Istanbul.


The EQ-Fast is licensed by Ib-Tec Germany Patents No: 118 2301 (EU), 522 368/02 (JP), and 10/362,649 (USA)


Experts you can rely on

Our teams consist of experienced geologists, geophysicists, civil engineers and merchants who work hand in hand. They evaluate the results of the respective EQ-Fast analysis and determine the safety of individual buildings in the event of an earthquake. This data is stored in a central database in order to facilitate a regional evaluation of the resistance of buildings to earthquakes. It is Ib-Tec's objective to avoid risks before damage can occur.


Regarding our international activities we are proud to cooperate with professionals in Cyprus, Greece, Turkey and we will continue to expand in seismic active regions.


Business Opportunity:

Regarding our international activities, we are proud to cooperate with professionals in Cyprus, Greece and Turkey.


Our target is the further expansion in seismic active regions. We are therefore interested in cooperating with local partners.


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