Damage simulation using EQ-Fast



You know that the industry spends every year Billions of Euros to improve the quality of their products and to optimize the security of their clients. 

You know that you spend the majority of your life in buildings of all kind. Do you know the quality and security these buildings offer in case of an earthquake?

Your safety is our concern.

EQ-Fast provides a rapid and reliable  assessment of a building's resistance to earthquakes.


You can rely on EQ-Fast.


· Reliable determination of building's resistance to earthquakes

· Constructional analysis to pinpoint potential weaknesses

· Factors in special geological and seismological location aspects

· A rapid and cost efficient measurment and evaluation method


EQ-Fast is a simple and cost efficient system that defines a building's resistance to earthquakes within a few hours. The  system generates reliable data on the vibration behavior of a given building and its subsoil that play an important role in connection with earthquakes. Moreover, the EQ-Fast analysis provides information about a building's ability to compensate earthquake forces. The analysis generates a precise picture of building risks and provides improvement suggestions that will put your future on a safe foundation.


An accurate analysis forms the foundation

The EQ-Fast method starts with an inspection of the building. The objective is to prepare a detailed constructional analysis of the building.

This analysis includes the investigation and evaluation of the building type, the age and the building materials, as well as damage caused by ageing. In addition, the condition of the building is documented in photographs and the precise location is determined with a GPS-system.

Subsequently the vibration behavior of the building and its subsoil are tested by means of specially developed computer-controlled frequency measurements. Based on these findings it is possible to derive information on a building's existing weaknesses and its resistance capacity.

Vulnerability evaluation using EQ-Fast

Industrial risk evaluation and management using EQ-Fast

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